A completed, tailored Business Continuity Plan.

How resilient is your organisation against a significant disruption?

Will you be able to quickly recover and continue to deliver services before significant harm is done to your organisation?

In this complex world of uncertainty and challenges, never have organisations been tested so much and on so many levels. In the face of significant competition and economic pressures and the increasing demands from consumers, add to it a pandemic and relentless series of natural disasters, it is likely that you are responding to a crisis even before you have had the time to plan and prepare a robust set of strategies to assist. This may give rise to inefficient actions that end up costing more than the disaster itself. An effective response is the result of comprehensive and practical preparedness.

An organisation may be required to respond to an event in many different ways; from emergency to disaster recovery, crisis management and everything else in between. This can become confusing.

Business continuity is both an overarching discipline as well as a specific response phase.

Understanding this amongst all other response arrangements will prepare the responding Team to clearly execute their obligations to effectively manage the situation.

Marsh Advisory will assist you to develop your Business Continuity Plan to ensure you can respond effectively and ultimately build resilience in your organisation.

Delivery is via two, 2-hour sessions delivered remotely 2 hour initial session with Resilience Consultant to provide guidance in the use and completion of the template; and 2 hour session after documentation has been completed, to review.

Note: Workshops can be conducted face to face at the travel expenses of client

Marsh will provide a Business Continuity Plan template together and host 2 sessions with a Resilience Consultant to first guide you in the completion of the template; and then review your work to ensure it meets your organisation’s needs.

To generate worthwhile results it is anticipated that Senior/top management, Risk Managers and Managers of personnel responsible for core services (i.e. HR, IT, Finance, Communications,  Facilities, Governance) are present.