A report that details the Client’s Fraud control policy, procedures, and framework.

How many fraud cases has your organisation experienced in the past two years?

Do you know you can avoid fraud perpetration and reduce their impact?

According to the 2020 Report to the Nations by ACFE, a typical organisation loses 5% of revenue due to fraud each year. The average loss per case is $1,509,000 and causing total losses of more than $3.6 billion across 125 countries.

Asset misappropriation schemes are the most common and least costly, whereas financial statement fraud schemes are the most costly ($954,000 median loss). No organisation is immune from fraud & corruption, and these crimes can originate from anywhere within the organisation.

Marsh Advisory will assist in developing your Fraud and Corruption Control Policy and Strategy to help build a robust fraud & corruption control framework.

Delivery is via two, 2 hour workshops remotely
• 2 hour initial workshop with Fraud Consultant to review
• 2 hour workshop after documentation has been finalised
Note: Workshops can be conducted face to face at the travel expenses of client.

Throughout these workshops Document Reviews will be conducted along with the creation of Fraud Control Framework documents as per AS8001-2008 (or 2020) Fraud and Corruption Control Standard.

To generate worthwhile results it is anticipated that the Executive Team and Risk/Fraud coordinators or Risk/Fraud Manager be present.