Representation and Engagement

At Jobs Australia, we’re not just a voice; we’re your voice. We passionately represent membership organisations across Australia, ensuring your needs don’t just get heard, they get acted upon.

Why go it alone when you can tap into a network designed for your success? Our extensive expertise allows us to offer custom services that empower your organisation to flourish. From strategic advocacy to insightful guidance, we’re the partner you’ve been looking for.

Ready to amplify your impact? Join us and be part of a movement that strengthens the collective voice of membership organisations. With Jobs Australia at your side, you’re not just another organisation; you’re a force to be reckoned with, and will have a powerful advocate working to champion your goals and interests.

Representation and Engagement Services

Services include:

  • Resource Hub: Offering a centralised repository of resources, including research reports, case studies, policy updates, and toolkits relevant to the employment and community development sectors. Members can access and contribute to this knowledge base.
  • Virtual Workshops and Webinars: Regular online workshops and webinars are organised, covering a wide range of topics such as employment trends, program management, funding opportunities, and emerging best practices. These sessions provide members with opportunities to learn from experts and peers.
  • Innovative Solutions Showcase: A dedicated space is available for Members to showcase innovative approaches, successful projects, and creative solutions they have implemented within their organisations. This fosters an environment of continuous improvement and inspiration.
  • Policy, Advocacy and Influence: The community serves as a collective voice for Jobs Australia Members to advocate for policies and reforms that positively impact the employment services sector. Members can collaborate on policy proposals and engage with government agencies and stakeholders.

Communities of Interest Groups:

Facilitation of Members with a shared interest, common focus, and a compelling agenda for a particular area of work. Allowing discussion, sharing of information, and or exploration of thought allows Members to delve further into the common cause by sharing wisdom, knowledge, information, or data, and interactively pursuing an informed course of action


  • Professional Exchange: Members can engage in an open and supportive environment where they share their expertise, experiences, and insights related to employment services, workforce development, education and training, disability services, social enterprise, and community engagement. Discussions are facilitated by seasoned moderators to ensure productive and informative conversations.
  • Peer Support Groups: Specialised peer support groups are formed based on common interests or challenges. These groups allow members to engage in focused discussions, seek advice, and collaborate on addressing specific issues within their areas of expertise.
  • Collaborative Initiatives: Jobs Australia COI encourages Members to collaborate on joint initiatives, research projects, and advocacy efforts that align with the shared goals of improving employment outcomes and community well-being.
  • Networking and Partnerships: Jobs Australia COI facilitates networking opportunities, allowing Members to connect with peers, potential partners, and other stakeholders within the sector. These connections can lead to collaborative projects and new opportunities.

Clarion Calls:

Clarion Calls are a dynamic and collaborative community of practice exclusively designed for Members of Jobs Australia. They serve as a dedicated platform where professionals from diverse backgrounds within the employment services and community development sectors can come together to share knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions. This concept is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and impact of Jobs Australia Members in their mission to empower individuals and communities through employment and related services.

  • Clarion Calls bring together Members who have a common interest in many topics, services and reforms.
  • The platform is utilised to provide regular scheduled dialogue and to respond to Member requests to meet with invited guests and provides valuable exchange of information and feedback.
  • Clarion Calls facilitate constructive engagement and interaction between stakeholders and government departmental personnel, as well as program and contract designers. This process fosters the exchange of valuable information and enables the provision of feedback to the government.
  • Clarion Calls encourages Members to share metrics, data, and impact assessments of their programs and initiatives. This data-driven approach helps Members continually improve their services and demonstrate their value to stakeholders.

Clarion Call: “a strong request for something to happen”, Dictionary, Merriam-Webster

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