Blanket Cover Insurance Program Testimonial: As an organisation and community, we were greatly affected by the recent floods in QLD and NSW, as many others were. Many of our locations suffered both building and content damage, which hindered our ability to provide our services to the community in those areas. Being insured under the Jobs Australia Blanket Cover Insurance Program, we were able to reach out to our Account Manager at Marsh, Alex Saba, who assisted us in collating the required information to submit a claim to our insurers. Within a matter of days, we were contacted by the Marsh claims team and assessors/loss adjusters who were appointed by our insurer. Together, the teams provided assistance to prevent further damage, assess our losses, and provide a settlement payment within a 6-week period. What at first seemed to be a daunting process, was alleviated by rapid assistance, understanding, and accommodation from the teams involved. The process was smooth which allowed us to replace the damaged items and commence repairs as early as possible. As a result of persistent advocacy and technical knowledge from our brokers at Marsh, we also paid a significantly lower excess than what we originally anticipated, further increasing our relief after such a catastrophic event.

OCTEC Limited

4 August 2022

CCT has been very pleased to be a Member of Jobs Australia and has been supported numerous times over the year. ‘To ensure CCT is compliant with the SCHADS Award is no easy feat sometimes’, says Wendy Mitchell the CEO of CCT. The Award is not that easy to interpret and the last thing a reputable provider wants to do is to misinterpret this all important Award. Jobs Australia have provided excellent and timely advice on our enquiries in this regard, and it has not mattered if this request has come from the myself (CEO), our HR department or the payroll team.

Wendy Mitchell CEO of Community Care TASMANIA, 2021

The Workplace Relations team has provided me continual support with performance management information and support which has led me to be more proficient and confident in my skills as a manager. The team has supported and responded to me any time I have contacted them and as such we have built a trusting working relationship which I feel very lucky to have.

Stacy Treloar CEO of Far West Community Legal Centre, 2021

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