Who we are

Jobs Australia is a national organisation that supports the largest network of Not for Profit Members who provide diverse employment services and pathways, education, training and skills development and community and social services.

We are the Peak Body for Not for Profit Employment Service Providers including those organisations delivering employment pathways programs.

We are funded solely by our Members allowing us to represent them with real insight and by activating and amplifying their collective and independent voice.

We provide relevant, timely and topical Workplace Relations advice and a wide variety of other services tailored to the unique needs of our Members across the full range of community and social services including access to the Blanket Cover Insurance Subscription Program.

We provide a one-stop, tailored and value driven range of services designed to ensure our vision of a connected, influential and informed membership reducing social disadvantage in our community is achieved.


Who we represent

Jobs Australia Ful Members are Not for Profit organisations who provide diverse employment services and pathways, education, training and skills development programs.

Typically, Jobs Australia Full Members do some or all of the following:

·        Deliver services under Commonwealth and/or State Government funded programs.

·        Deliver accredited or non-accredited training for unemployed people as a Registered Training Organisation, Group Training Organisation, apprenticeship centre, social enterprise or other non-profit training and education institution.

·        Deliver similar employment and training services to unemployed people without any government funding.

Jobs Australia Associate Members are Not for Profit community and social service organisations that directly or indirectly assist people to fully participate in society economically and socially through the services they deliver.

Typically, Jobs Australia Associate Members are Not for Profit organisations that deliver services and programs across the following cohorts:

·       Transport

·       Housing

·       Disability Services

·       Health both physically and psychologically

·       Training and education

·       Legal centres

·       Family violence

·       Childcare services

·       Women’s services

·       Men’s sheds

·       Neighbourhood houses

·       Community centres

·       Indigenous services

·       Migrant services