Who we are

Jobs Australia is the national peak body which helps not-for-profit employment and community services all over Australia to provide the best possible assistance to disadvantaged communities and people.

With our particular expertise in employment services, and because we are funded solely by our members, we can advocate to government and others for what’s right and best in helping unemployed people - with real insight and an independent voice.

We also provide relevant, timely and topical advice and support on industrial relations and a wide variety of other services tailored to the unique needs of our not-for-profit members across the full range of community and social services.

We represent the largest network of not-for-profit employment-related community services in Australia - with members ranging from small local community agencies to large national charities.

We provide a one-stop, tailored and good value range of services designed to benefit our members and the citizens they were established to serve.


Who we represent

Jobs Australia Full Members are not-for-profit organisations that help unemployed people to prepare for and find employment.

Typically, Jobs Australia members do some or all of the following:

  • Deliver services under Commonwealth and/or State Government funded programs, such as jobactive (including Work for the Dole), Disability Employment Services, Community Development Program (formerly the Remote Jobs and Communities Program), Skills for Education and Employment, and similar State Government programs.
  • Deliver accredited or non-accredited training for unemployed people as Registered Training Organisations, Group Training Organisations, apprenticeship centres, social enterprises and other non-profit training and education institutions.
  • Deliver similar employment and training services to unemployed people without any government funding.

Jobs Australia Associate Members are not-for-profit organisations that don't deliver the services above but still provide services to the community that directly or indirectly assist people in their communities to fully participate in society economically and socially.


We are:

Dedicated to the not-for-profit community and employment sectors

A dedicated organisation advocating for its members and providing sound advice on issues relating to the delivery of an employment and community service organisation.

Proudly Independent

Fully funded by its members, Jobs Australia is an influential and independent voice with members and their community interests at heart.

One reliable resource

Jobs Australia offers a one-stop shop for a range of not-for-profit orientated services including blanket cover insurance, advocacy, workplace relations advice and representation.

An eye on the future

With a deep understanding of what’s happening in the employment services arena, Jobs Australia is one step ahead in driving changes that help members work more effectively with the people they serve.

All about hearts and minds

Jobs Australia puts the human element front and centre by offering a personalised service and a valuable insight into what members are trying to achieve for their organisations and the people they serve.

Values that matter

Jobs Australia is committed to its members and acts with integrity to provide value for money for every service.