Introducing Employment Hero

Employment Hero is the world’s leading HR, payroll and employee engagement platform. Its powerful employment platform and groundbreaking employment superapp, Swag, are changing work for the better. 

The award-winning employment software helps launch businesses on the path to success by powering more productivity every day. Employment Hero services over 300,000 businesses and its core platform reduces admin time by up to 80 per cent.

Emolyment Hero Features

HR Software

End-to-end resource management software that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle - from recruitment and onboarding, to engagement, productivity and success. Manage HR and people from a single platform, with built-in contracts, policies and HR templates that are designed to make employment easier, and admin a breeze.


Streamline recruitment with Employment Hero. Ditch the spreadsheets, email threads and handwritten notes - with a built-in applicant tracking system, it’s easy to manage the employee lifecycle and attract talent without needing to jump out of the platform. Candidates can apply with ease and be shortlisted digitally, with contracts also being sent via the platform for easy onboarding.

Automated Payroll

Save time on payroll and reduce unnecessary manual admin for managers. Automate tricky calculations with a customisable pay conditions engine, and enjoy peace of mind with built-in modern award interpretation that’s constantly being managed and updated. Automate payslips, leave calculations, rostering and timesheets - with everything flowing into pay runs for smooth processing.

Employee Superapp

Swag is work and pay, but not as you know it. Swag is the world’s first employment superapp that rolls easier work, exciting careers, flexible pay and exclusive benefits into one. That means employees can do more in their day —and get more out of life. Employees can manage timesheets, leave requests and personal work admin from anywhere, and can even enjoy discounts on health insurance, gym memberships, groceries and so much more.

AI Enhancements

We’ve always got people in mind, but sometimes we all need a helping hand. Employment Hero’s suite of artificial intelligence features are designed to streamline processes and free up managers’ time to focus more on people, not admin. Hero AI is your personal HR assistant, and can be used to auto-generate shoutouts and communication to teams via the platform, or to answer HR policy questions.

Our newest AI feature, SmartMatch, uses AI to build pipelines of top talent and connect candidates with businesses instantly, to fast-track the hiring process. SmartMatch predicts future hiring needs as well, allowing businesses to see the roles they’ll need to fill in the future and proactively build talent pipelines within the platform.


Employment Hero’s HR and payroll platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading platforms to allow businesses to consolidate existing tech stacks, reduce data-double handling between platforms, and streamline processes with ease. From workforce management integrations, to accounting, to job boards, creating a seamless workflow experience has never been easier.

Exclusive Jobs Australia Member offer with
Employment Hero


Employment Hero’s mission is to solve employment problems for everyone. In alignment with this, Jobs Australia is pleased to offer Members an exclusive discount off Employment Hero’s HR and payroll plans:

➜ 3 free months of payroll and $2 off per employee with 40% off Managed Implementation and 50% off Guided Implementation services, or;

➜ 3 free months of HR and $4 off per employee with 40% off Managed Implementation and 50% off Guided Implementation services, or;

➜ Both HR and payroll offers above, PLUS an additional 10% discount off Managed Implementation services

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