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Jobs Australia Foundation

Support for marginalised & disadvantaged communities

The Jobs Australia Foundation was established by Jobs Australia in 2005 to help disadvantaged communities and people in Australia.

The Foundation is committed to:

  • providing direct relief to some of the most disadvantaged people in the community
  • supporting projects which foster innovation and best practice to build effective collaborations and inclusive communities
  • encouraging Jobs Australia members and the wider community to broaden their own commitment to disadvantaged people and communities, either through the Foundation or by establishing similar ventures.

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30th Jun 2015

According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday, Australia's 'seasonally adjusted' unemployment rate increased to 6.3% in July, while the 'trend' rate...

7th Aug 2015
Policy & Advocacy

Jobs Australia’s analysis of the latest DES Stars

This week DSS released the DES Contract and Site level Star Ratings for June on the Provider Portal...

27th Aug 2015

The new Transition to Work service aims to help early school leavers get jobs or re-engage with education.  The purchasing process begins in October.  

8th Sep 2015

The Senate has rejected a Government proposal to increase the waiting period for young people to access income support from one...

10th Sep 2015

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