The Bama Healing Ples Partnership is an initiative that Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service (QIFVLS) has developed, which means ‘a Place of Healing for Family’.

This partnership is a Health-Justice Partnership (HJP) between QIFVLS and other Aboriginal community controlled health organisations. Bama Healing Ples Partnership is an effective way to address the complex and interconnected issues that affect the health and wellbeing of First Nations communities, especially those who face systemic barriers and discrimination.

Collaboration between health care providers and legal services is a way to better address the needs of the client, as it’s clear that better outcomes are achieved if a more holistic approach is taken. For healthcare, many health issues are a result of social determinants, like poverty, housing insecurity, employment discrimination, and access to health care. If an individual improves the social determinant, then their overall health outcomes will be much better. 

Through early intervention, the community member can address social and legal issues before they develop into larger criminal issues which ultimately results in better health outcomes. This all leads to happier and healthier communities.

QIFVLS has recently produced a video about their Bama Healing Ples Partnership which you can watch below.

Head on over to the QIFVLS website to find out more about the sensational work they do for their community.