Supported Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra (SAHSSI) Ltd is a remarkable Not for Profit Specialist Homelessness Service. Operating across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Districts, they provide accommodation and support to people impacted by homelessness and women with or without children impacted by domestic and family violence. As we delve into the heart of SAHSSI’s impactful work, their commitment to change becomes strikingly apparent.
As a Company Limited by Guarantee, SAHSSI’s Board of Directors carries the torch of governance, ensuring that the organisation remains focused on its mission. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the community, SAHSSI tailors its services to offer precisely what’s needed.
SAHSSI’s services span a broad spectrum, leaving no gap unfilled. From crisis accommodation and transitional housing to outreach support and temporary accommodation, their multifaceted approach addresses various levels of need. The Shoalhaven Family Counselling Service and Shoalhaven Homeless Hub provide critical resources for individuals and families on their journey towards stability. Programs like Rent Choice Youth and Rent Choice Start Safely empower individuals with opportunities for a fresh start, while primary prevention initiatives pave the way for a future free from homelessness.
At the heart of SAHSSI’s operations are approximately 40 passionate and dedicated staff members, the majority of whom are frontline Case Managers.
In the previous financial year, SAHSSI assisted over 2,000 women and children – a staggering 64% more than their funding initially supported. Sadly, due to constraints in resources, over 1,000 women were unable to receive the support they desperately needed. This underscores the pressing need for continued community involvement in the battle against homelessness.
While SAHSSI’s reach is extensive, there were still over 200 women on their waiting list, and up to 5 weeks for an emergency bed. These numbers tell a compelling story of the urgent demand for their services.
SAHSSI’s noble efforts are amplified by community support. SAHSSI receives funding that pays their staff’s wages; however, they rely on community donations to be able to provide essential living items, food, and gift cards to their clients so they can rebuild their lives.
Many of their women and children are leaving circumstances that are unsafe and often come to SAHSSI with nothing, therefore SAHSSI relies on the generosity of its community donations to provide financial and material assistance.
In the financial year 2022-2023, SAHSSI’s collaborative partnership with its community enabled the provision of over $68,000 in financial assistance (food and gift cards) and $68,000 in material assistance (whitegoods, bedding, bond deposits, and school items). This impact showcases the vital role community donations play in transforming lives.
In a field where compassion meets professionalism, SAHSSI shines. All specialised homelessness services must hold a minimum certificate level against the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) by mid-2024. “In June 2023, SAHSSI was assessed and is proud to announce that they received 100% in their assessment which is a testament to the quality services and support that SAHSSI provides” Diane, Interim CEO of SAHSSI.
Through SAHSSI’s unwavering commitment, dedicated staff, and community support, they’re not just changing lives – they’re rebuilding hope. As we celebrate their achievements, let’s remember that true change happens when compassion is combined with action. Join hands with SAHSSI and be a part of this incredible journey toward a brighter, more equitable future.

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SAHSSI Client Journey Example: Mavis’s Forever Home 
Mavis became homeless and presented to SAHSSI for support at 80 years of age. Prior to this, she had been renting privately and residing in the same property for ten years until the landlord issued her with a no grounds eviction notice. 

Mavis’s marriage had broken down many years ago due to domestic violence, and she had no family or friend support networks to assist her. Mavis was initially very reluctant to access support services for fear that she may lose her independence which she valued highly. Fortunately, Mavis connected well with her SAHSSI Case Manager and slowly came to realise that there were valuable support services available to assist her to maintain her independence. 

Mavis’s Case Manager supported her to be priority approved for social housing and, in February 2023 Mavis was offered a DCJ property in an over 65 complex and is living independently. Mavis is engaging with services and recently was assessed by My Aged Care for further support such as transport and domestic duties. Mavis has maintained her independence and is living safe and comfortable in her forever home.