Debra and Trudy from Jobs Australia recently had the opportunity to tour the manufacturing factory of OCC Enterprise (OCCE), the social enterprise arm of OC Connections.

OCCE, based in Melbourne, provides meaningful employment for over 100 people living with disability. Together, they’re making dreams come true by offering engaging daily occupation, employment training, and unwavering support to individuals living with disability.

They’ve created something truly unique at their factory: the OC Eco T-Top Bollard! This revolutionary bollard is the first and only one of its kind made right here in Australia, using recycled materials. Eco-friendly and innovative, how amazing is that?

What truly impressed Debra and Trudy was the unwavering dedication and passion displayed by the OCCE team. Their work extends far beyond creating fabulous products, it is about opening doors and creating boundless opportunities for individuals living with disability to achieve their goals.

We applaud OC Connections and OCCE for their exceptional work in making a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Let’s give them a round of applause!

To learn more about OC Connections and its initiatives, we encourage you to visit their website: