Local Community Welcomes CoAct’s New Pilot Site Focused on Mental Health Support

Stones Corner, Queensland – October 5, 2023

Nicole Steers, Jobs Australia’s COO and Amanda Petts, Jobs Australia’s Representation and Engagement Coordinator, recently had the absolute pleasure of attending CoActs Innovative Employment Services Hub Open Day in Queensland.

In a significant milestone for its network, CoAct, Australia’s largest provider of Specialist Disability Employment Services (DES), has unveiled its pilot DES direct delivery site in Stones Corner, Queensland. CoAct, a network of dedicated Not for Profit employment service providers, has long been committed to assisting disadvantaged Australians in their local communities. This new site, which officially opened its doors on the 3rd of July, represents a new innovative way of delivering employment services for job seekers, especially those facing mental health challenges.

Under the visionary leadership of Simon Brown, CEO of CoAct, the organisation has taken a bold step forward by directly delivering DES from its Stones Corner pilot site. The move is expected to significantly benefit CoAct’s network, fostering best practice delivery nationwide.

The site’s open day commenced with a heartfelt Welcome to Country delivered by Aunty Kathryn Fisher, an esteemed Aboriginal elder with strong ties to the Turrbal People. Paralympian Gavin Bellis shared his journey, emphasizing the transformative power of sports in mental health management. Glen Givens, QLD State Manager for ICS Service Solutions, shed light on ICS’s inclusive approach to a commercialised social enterprise style model, their partnership with CoAct and shared commitment to integrating disability within their organisation.

At the heart of CoAct’s new initiative lies a tested service delivery model designed in collaboration with their skilled network to provide intensive support for job seekers. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality job interview software and person-centered assessments, the site aims to secure meaningful employment for its registered job seekers. The emphasis on mental health support underscores CoAct’s dedication to holistic well-being and social impact.

In a targeted move towards improving workforce lived experience representation, the site recently hosted a Recruitment Open Day. This event, tailored for individuals interested in community service careers, showcased CoAct’s innovative approach and commitment to service underpinned by its customer promise. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the site’s operations, learn about potential career paths within CoAct’s employment services, and participate in skills and strengths assessments. By sidestepping traditional application hurdles, CoAct sought to tap into a pool of talent often overlooked due to a lack of industry experience.

The overwhelming success of the recruitment open day reinforced the importance of addressing internal biases within the industry. CoAct’s commitment to finding and nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds reflects its dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience for job seekers on their employment journey.

The Stones Corner site is now open for registrations, offering support to individuals seeking meaningful employment. For further information, interested individuals are encouraged to call 1800 860 774 and speak to one of CoAct’s experienced consultants. CoAct’s innovative approach, combined with its deep community roots, signals a new era in employment services, where compassion, technology, and inclusivity converge to create brighter futures for all Australians.

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