Financial Risk

Asset Valuations (Insurance, financial reporting and market)

Business Interruption (Pre-loss quantification, policy/limit reviews and post-loss quantification)

Fraud Risk (Reviews, controls, training)

Alternative Risk Solutions (Discretionary Trusts and Captives)


Property Risk

Property Risk Management (Design reviews, risk identification, risk mitigation, ROI analysis, training and audit)

Property Risk Evaluations Reports (Underwriting reports)

 Natural Catastrophe Modelling (Exposure Analysis, loss modelling, risk mitigation)

Maximum Foreseeable Loss Studies (Analysis, insurance limit adequacy review)


Managing risk in today’s environment is complex, particularly when considering the impact of global events such as a pandemic, cyberattack and supply chain disruptions – these risks are harder to identify, understand, quantify, and manage. Marsh Advisory’s Consulting Solutions can provide organisations with the insights, technical expertise, and resources to create and implement risk management strategies to building resilience in your organisation. Our entire focus is risk, so we offer solutions that address your end-to-end risk life cycle — from identification and assessment, to finance, mitigation, and loss recovery.

An integrated approach to managing your business risk