As Managing Director of STEPS Group of Companies Carmel is responsible for the strategic direction and overarching corporate governance of the organisation which maintains the success of STEPS operations, including employment, training, education, and social ventures. The STEPS Group of Companies is made up of STEPS Charity, STEPS Group Australia, STEPS Social Business and STEPS Staffing Solutions.  Carmel mentors and coaches the STEPS Group of Companies Board of Directors, incorporating strategic planning, the Executive Leadership Team and Executive Management Team, working with them all to develop strong values driven results orientation, with service delivery excellence.

Carmel is a strong advocate in the disability and training space and has extensive experience liaising with Government departments including Director Generals of Government departments, public servants and Ministers at both the state and federal level and across four States and Territories within Australia.

Carmel is highly skilled in the areas of leadership and corporate governance, often mentoring and coaching other CEO’s and Boards, particularly in the NFP sector, from throughout Australia.