What Good GRC Looks Like

Simplify how you manage and report all your risk & compliance obligations

Pali GRC simplifies your governance, compliance, and risk (GRC) activities so you can stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet all your stakeholder expectations.

Pali GRC is a complete risk & compliance framework. Flexible enough to keep you ahead of the ever-changing GRC landscape.

Pali GRC is:

  • Simple to manage your risk coverage.
  • Easy to keep up to date as policies change.
  • Low levels of training are required.
  • Built with bulletproof technology.
  • Incident preparedness and tracking.
  • Real-time reporting.

Slash your risk & compliance paperwork Pali GRC is a simpler way to manage your GRC, speed up workflows and eliminate 99% of the problems that manual systems create​. Using Pali GRC you can streamline your reporting obligations; record, edit and manage your Governance, Risk, Reporting & Compliance matters; and create complete transparency across all departments throughout your organisation on any browser-enabled device.

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