What Good GRC Looks Like

No doubt you already handle a lot of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) issues. Pali GRC is designed from the ground up to make your life and the way you manage your GRC requirement so much easier.

Collecting information on excel spreadsheets is insecure, dangerous and an outdated way to manage your organisation’s biggest risks. Regulators have confidence in organisations who proactively mandate Risk, Compliance and Governance with visibility and auditing.

Pali GRC simplifies your governance, risk management, and compliance activities so you can stay a step ahead of uncertainty and meet all your stakeholder expectations. Organisations today must embrace ever increasing obligations for policy & regulatory compliance across the enterprise; driven by the growing demands & expectations of all regulators & management, both internal and external.

Everyone can sleep at night knowing that Pali GRC makes it easy to demonstrate your organisation’s adherence to regulatory and cultural policies and due diligence.



A simpler way to manage your GRC, speed up workflows and eliminate 99% of the problems that manual systems create​

Simple To Use Yet Powerful

Pali GRC is a single integrated system that can satisfy the needs of all stakeholders including regulators, board, management, staff, and auditors.

Using Pali GRC allows you to speed up workflows and eliminate 99% of the problems that manual systems create. You can streamline your reporting obligations; record, edit and manage your Governance, Reporting & Compliance matters; and create complete transparency across all departments throughout your organisation on any browser-enabled device.

To help achieve this level of control, Pali GRC covers all the bases in the following
Corporate Governance
Risk Identification & Registers
Risk Heat Mapping and Reporting
Complaints & Remediation Handling
Compliance (Obligation) Management
Incidents & Breaches Reporting
Conflicts of Interest Handling
Surveys Administration
Detailed and Dashboard Reporting
Automated Workflow & Escalation
Powerful Auditing

Pali GRC is:

• Intuitive:
Clean and easy to use interface with the latest tools and design.
• Secure:
Solid technology in the cloud, backed by years of experience.
• Economical:
Fixed cost with no surprises and scalability to suit your needs.
• Agile & Responsive:
Supporting continuous development and keeping up with real world
requirements with rapid turnaround for specific requests.

Pali GRC and Jobs Australia Partnership

If you are a Jobs Australia member (Full or Associate) you can subscribe to the Pali
GRC platform at the Jobs Australia agreed Member pricing. To learn more about Pali GRC, have
a demonstration and see how it can help your organisation please contact the team
via our website link below.
• Jobs Australia has negotiated very favourable subscription rates averaging
40% savings for JA Members.
• As a subscriber and user of Pali GRC, Jobs Australia knows first-hand the
value it delivers.
• The Pali GRC platform is compatible and easy to integrate with other JA
product offerings for Members

• Pali GRC is ideally suited for not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and levels
of complexity. If you are not sure if your organisation is a current Jobs Australia
Member, please contact Jobs Australia on 1800 331 915 or email ja@ja.com.au

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