World Hepatitis Day was on Thursday 28 July, this year focusing on the theme ‘Hep Can’t Wait’. World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to step up national and international efforts on hepatitis, encourage actions and engagement by individuals, partners, and the public and highlight the need for a greater global response.

World Hepatitis Day brings awareness to Australia’s aim for the eradication of Hepatitis C by 2030, with this year’s theme urging the nation to take steps to seek testing, treatment, and care as soon as possible. Many individuals who live with Hepatitis C are unaware of the game-changing medication and treatment options available that cure up to 98% of Hepatitis C cases. To help change this, Hepatitis NSW rolled out the refreshed HEPCURED Campaign to promote the availability and effectiveness of treatment through strong imagery and simple messaging.

The HEPCURED Mobile Mural has travelled NSW, provided the backdrop for the ‘World Hepatitis Day’ launch at Sydney Hospital, and now continues to spread awareness, reduce stigma, encourage treatment, and engage the community to better understand Viral Hepatitis. For Hepatitis B, while there is not currently a cure, there are treatments that can significantly reduce the risk to health and the liver for those living with the virus.

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