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Jobs Australia offers access to insurance solutions and workers' compensation for full members and subscribers to our IR/HRM service.

Blanket Cover Insurance Program:

The Blanket Cover Program was developed over 20 years ago in response to the difficulty many nonprofits experienced in obtaining Insurance Cover that was both competitive in price and broad enough to cover the range of activities that many organisations undertook to provide benevolent relief to the most disadvantaged in their local communities.

Today, we have been providing access to a broad and comprehensive suite of insurance policies that are arranged by our broker, Jardine, Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd, and which allows member activities to be carried out with minimal risk.

The combined purchasing power of the Jobs Australia network enables its members to access the Master Policies contained in the Blanket Cover Program at a fee that is usually significantly lower than any individual member could obtain if it were to arrange and pay for similar insurance policies.

In most cases, the level and scope of the insurance policies provided under the Blanket Cover Program are generally far higher or broader than any individual member can obtain.

More than half of the Jobs Australia membership use our insurance program, and in almost all cases the savings they have made by switching to our program have outweighed the cost of membership.

The Blanket Cover Insurance Program provides two separate plans:

Insurance for nonprofit Employment Service Providers:

The Jobs Australia Blanket Cover Program is a suite of 10 Insurance Policies and has been designed to provide cover for the unique risks and exposures of employment and training service providers.  The included Public Liability Cover names the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations as required by both the Jobs Services Australia (JSA) Employment Services Deed 2009-2012, and the Disability Employment Services (DES) Deed 2012-2015.

Organisations that are funded to provide any activities relating to the Department of Employment’s JSA or DES contracts must meet this requirement. This includes organisations that are acting as subcontractors and are delivering services on behalf of a JSA or DES contract holder.

Insurance for nonprofit organisations operating in the community sector:

The Community Sector Blanket Cover Insurance Program is a suite of 10 Insurance Policies and has been designed to meet the needs of nonprofit organisations operating in the community sector, providing comprehensive coverage for office bearers, volunteers and employees.

Contact Ross Mackay on 03 9349 3699 / 1800 331 915 or for more information. Otherwise visit our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you.

National Community Sector Workers' Compensation Program

Through Jobs Australia, your organisation has access to a range of workers compensation policy support and claims and injury management services.  This includes a range of online and easy to use resources as well as access to industry specialists who can assist you with claims or policy matters.

In addition, if you or any of your employees suffer a work related injury or illness, as a Jobs Australia member, you will have access to high quality advice service that will enable you to get the best outcomes for your claims in a timely manner.

Policy Support Services
  • Assistance in understanding the calculation of premium and how you can effect change on your premium.
  • Request a certificate of currency.
Injury Management Support Services
  • Discuss injury treatment and progress.
  • Assist you to prepare a Return to Work Plan.
  • Liaise with the workers’ compensation insurer on your behalf regarding and claims or injury management issues.
  • Recommend use of external providers when indicated.
  • Advise on dispute resolution procedure.
Business Intelligence
  • General advice regarding strategic decision making such as redundancies that may impact workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Communication of important legislative changes / updates that may impact on your workers’ compensation program.

Contact Ross Mackay on 03 9349 3699 / 1800 331 915 or for more information. Otherwise visit our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you.

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