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We provide comprehensive guides to help you understand ...


A Comprehensive guide to the National Employment Standards

The ten National Employment Standards set out the minimum conditions of employment and provide the safety net for all national system employees.

Employment Contracts: Starting the Employment Relationship: March 2016 Edition

The second edition of Jobs Australia's guide "Employment Contracts: Starting the Employment Relationship" has recently been published. The guide now includes a section about the distinction between types of employment.

How to determine if your Organisation is a Constitutional Corporation

Jobs Australia's guide "Is Your Organisation a Constitutional Corporation?" is an important resource for organisations in Western Australia and for certain limited purposes in other states such as those who may need to comply with the 2009 QLD Community Services and Crisis Assistance transitional pay equity order in QLD, and in relation to the anti-bullying jurisdiction under the Fair Work Act.

Guide to Awards and Agreements under the Fair Work Act

This guide assists with questions of award coverage, rates of pay in the context of National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act and how all of this interacts with workplace agreements.

A Guide for Leaders: Resilience - during the tough times

Jobs Australia has produced a booklet to assist leaders and managers through significant organisational change that may arise out of tender processes and other funding changes and restructuring..