From Friday 26 November, the following workers (and volunteers and students on placement) who leave home for work are required to show their employer evidence that they are fully vaccinated:

  • Accommodation workers
  • Agriculture and forestry workers
  • Airport workers
  • Ancillary, support and welfare workers
  • Authorised officers
  • Care workers
  • Community workers
  • Creative arts workers
  • Custodial workers
  • Emergency service workers
  • Entertainment and function workers
  • Funeral workers
  • Higher education workers
  • Justice service centre workers
  • Marriage celebrants
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Meat and seafood processing workers
  • Media and film production workers
  • Mining workers
  • Physical recreation workers
  • Ports and freight workers
  • Professional sports, high-performance sports or racing person
  • Professional services workers
  • Public sector employees
  • Real estate workers
  • Religious workers
  • Repair and maintenance workers
  • Retail workers (including workers at food & drink facilities; licenced premises)
  • Science and technology workers
  • Social and community service workers
  • Transport workers
  • Utilities and urban workers
  • Veterinary and pet/animal care workers

The following workers are already covered by these requirements:

  • Workers in residential aged care facilities
  • Workers at construction sites

From 29 November 2021 the requirements will apply to the following workers:

  • Workers at school, childcare, and early education services (plus outside school hours care services)

From 15 December 2021 the requirements will apply to the following workers:

  • Workers in healthcare settings

For more information, including a description of workers in each category, visit Information for Industry and Workers required to be vaccinated.

Face Masks
From 6.00 pm (AEDT) Thursday 25 November 2021 workers and visitors are required to wear a mask indoors at healthcare settings such as community health centres (including mental health, child and maternity, and drug and alcohol counseling services centres), general practices, COVID-19 related healthcare sites (including testing, vaccination, and hotel quarantine facilities), health clinics (including medical specialist and allied health clinics), diagnostic and medical imaging centres, mobile health services and blood donation centres.

You must always carry a face mask with you when you leave home, except in certain limited circumstances. It is strongly recommended you wear one whenever you cannot keep 1.5 meters distance from others.

There are additional settings where wearing a face mask is required, visit ‘When to wear a face mask‘ for more information.

This information is available from the Victorian State Government website:  (accessed 29 November 2021)

If you would like to get in touch with the Jobs Australia Workplace Relations team, please call 1800 331 915 (option #1).