Two workplace relations systems operate in WA: the Western Australian State workplace relations system and the national workplace relations system. The Crisis Assistance, Supported Housing Industry – Western Australian Interim Award 2011 came into effect in 2011 to provide award coverage for organisations in WA in the Crisis Assistance, Supported Housing Industry that were not covered by the awards under the national workplace relations system.

The separate systems meant not all WA service providers were eligible to receive the wage increases handed down by Fair Work Commission, and had not previously been offered Commonwealth SACS supplementation to assist them in meeting the higher wage costs. Therefore, the WA Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) decision on 29 August 2013 to increase wages for workers employed under the Social and Community Services (Western Australia) Interim Award 2011 and Crisis Assistance and Supported Housing Industry – WA Interim Award 2010 mirrors the wage increases of employees in the national workplace relations system.

Hence, like the SCHCADS award, there are two increases each year for these awards, the State Wage increase in July and the ERO in December.

This pay table sets out the rates of pay and allowances effective on and from the commencement of the first pay period on and from 1 July 2019.

This pay table applies to organisations in WA that are NOT Constitutional (Trading) Corporations and who are in the Western Australian State industrial relations system.

Please read our guide Is your Organisation a Constitutional Corporation if you are uncertain about whether or not your organisation is a Constitutional Trading Corporation.