With lockdown coming to an end in some major cities, we will see a rising trend in significant impacts on regional towns and communities in those states. For the Employment Service Providers, the end of the COVID-19 supplement payments and suspended Mutual Obligations will see face-to-face appointments between employees and vulnerable participants increase significantly. For all Jobs Australia Members, there are numerous implications to consider around workforce, change management, and navigating the path ahead, post-pandemic.

The policy surrounding vaccinations is a focus for most Jobs Australia Members. I am pleased to advise Jobs Australia’s Workplace Relations team continue to work closely with our legal advisers to provide Members with the most up to date and accurate advice.

This is a complex topic that appears to be changing daily. For the most recent information, we suggest Members visit the following link.


Members will be advised immediately once the Jobs Australia team receives further updates.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, please contact the Jobs Australia Workplace Relations team on 1800 331 915 (option #1) or email ja@ja.com.au.