Consolidation of NHACE Agreement pay tables

The rates of pay for all NHACE Agreements are now the same for employees covered by the following Schedules:

  • Schedule 3A – Adult and community learning employees (former PAACT)
  • Schedule 3B – Neighbourhood House employees (SACS)
  • Schedule 3C – Children’s Services
  • Schedule 3D – Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award

This is due to the rates now being in line with the minimum rates required by the relevant Modern Awards. Because of this, Jobs Australia has now consolidated the NHACE Agreement pay tables.


NHACE Collective Agreements 1 July 2021

NHACE Collective Agreements 1 December 2020

NHACE Collective Agreements 1 November 2020

NHACE 3A 3B & 3C Consolidated 1 July 2020