This pay table sets out the rates of pay and allowances that will apply from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2021.

These rates of pay have increased due to the 2021 Annual Wage Review increase.    

Please note:

There were a number of pre-modern awards in NSW, Tasmania and WA such as:

  • Miscellaneous Workers – Kindergartens and Child Care Centres Award in NSW;
  • Child Care and Childrens Services Award in Tasmania,

where higher rates of pay were preserved by the operation of Clause A.3.7 of the modern award.

While clause A.3.7 no longer applies, Jobs Australia recommends maintaining staff on their existing rates of pay to avoid reducing their take-home pay.  It is important to keep checking movements in minimum rates of pay so that they can be increased once the higher rates are overtaken as a consequence of wage increases.


Children’s Services Pay Table 1 July 2021

Children’s Services Pay Table 1 November 2020