We are proud to launch the new Jobs Australia website! Our focus has been on providing you with a better user experience.

We've provided instructions below on how to best use this website and encourage members to check your personal details in your Member Portal so we can ensure we target news, events and services that will be of most interest to you.

If you would like to renew your membership, make sure you sign in and visit your Portal (instructions are in the first two steps below).

We will continue to make changes and improvements over the coming weeks. Get in touch with us if you have any feedback, notice any bugs, or need assistance with your account.

Logging In

Your username and password for our old website is still in effect. If you're not sure what your password is, you can request a new one by clicking on the Request new password link. You can also create an account if you do not have one.

Contact our office if you need any assistance.

Member Portal and Membership Renewal

The Member Portal is your personal hub for our website. From your portal you can access all the content you've subscribed to and adjust contact details and preferences.

  • Renew Your Membership - If you are the Business Admin for your organisation, you will see a notification to renew your membership for 2017-18. If you don't see this notification and think you should, contact us an we'll sort it out.
  • Notifications - Shows you new items relevant to the interest groups you follow (see below for more information on this).
  • My Account - Allows you to manage all aspects of your account and business - please check we have your correct details in our CRM.
  • My Content - Allows you to manage your interactions with our website.

Interest Groups

We produce content across a range of topics and want you to be able to explore the content that interests you, as easily as possible. The nofitications section in your portal will highlight any relevant new content. You can also filter by interest groups while browsing our news, events and publications.

Visit our Interest Groups page to subscribe to topics.

Member Services

We have launched a range of new services for members, including personal health insurance for staff of member organisations and IRAP accreditation. Our combined purchasing power means our services will save you money and help you focus on your core mission.

Vist our Member Services page to find out more.