Technology for Ageing and Disability SA Inc (TADSA) was born from the heart of the South Australian community, 43 years ago. Identifying the strengths of Assistive Technology (AT), the team at TADSA aspire to enhance people’s lives and to create opportunities that might not otherwise be realised. Driven fully by the enduring efforts and talents of a skilled group of volunteers, TADSA has flourished from strength to strength by onboarding different possibilities of AT and empowering people to be independent. Being the leading provider of Freedom Wheels Bikes in South Australia, TADSA has been customising bikes to fit the likes of any special need or age. Providing people with the ability to ride and engage in inclusive sport or in community endeavours.

Year on year, on 3 December, people and organisations around the world observe the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disability to spread awareness, understanding, and support for people living with disability. TADSA, the only provider of customised AT solutions in South Australia for people with any form of disability and age-related challenges supports the need for AT to help maintain and improve an individual’s functioning and independence.TADSA is a strong advocate for AT and helps people realise their potential by:

  • Improving their wellbeing: to design and make customised solutions that impact a person’s socio-economic wellbeing, including education and employment
  • Connect positively with the community: to help people become engaged in their community and stay connected to their support network
  • Access the digital world: to empower people with digital communication and access to technology
  • Live and carry out their work independently: to assist people to perform everyday tasks and activities independently
  • Explore new hobbies, sport, and recreation: to improve emotional and physical wellbeing through meaningful engagement in hobbies, sports, and gaming

The iconic patron of TADSA, Libby Kosmala who has been inducted into the prestigious Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2021, is a role model for anyone within any spectrum of disability. She has overcome many physical challenges since her younger days to represent 12 consecutive summer paralympic games and secure a total of 13 medals, including nine gold. TADSA has supported her journey with custom-made assistive devices that have helped Libby in competition shooting. Libby is now an advocate for younger sportsmen and women with disabilities, encouraging them to achieve their best in sport and in life.

TADSA has been working hard to change and challenge the needs of a very broad segment of people ranging from children, adults, and seniors. Through multiple projects and programs, TADSA passionately invests in empowering individuals by way of mobility, transport, communication, eating and drinking, play, education, shopping, and/or sport.