·       In order to be eligible for JLT Blanket Insurance Cover you must first be a member of Jobs Australia

·       After initially contacting JLT (if his happens outside of Jobs Australia promoting JLT), will assess whether the organisation is eligible to be a member of Jobs Australia and ensure basic criteria such as being an NFP is met

·       Should NFP status and basic criteria be met, JLT will pass on all details of the organisation to the Jobs Australia membership team in order to assess and complete the appropriate paperwork in order to join Jobs Australia

·       It is the responsibility of the Jobs Australia membership team to contact the organisation within 48 hours to promote joining Jobs Australia and ensure a prompt procedure for revenue streams to come in as quickly as possible for both membership and insurance

·       The Jobs Australia constitution guidelines must be met through this process, which includes sign of from the Jobs Australia CEO for all Jobs Australia memberships

·       Once membership has been approved, a Jobs Australia membership invoice will be raised and emailed to the applicant for payment

·       The Jobs Australia membership team will ensure all details are captured accurately in the CRM and relevant information shared with JLT

·       On receipt of payment of Jobs Australia membership, the Jobs Australia membership team will email JLT with conformation of membership and payment

·       Once confirmation has been emailed by the Jobs Australia membership team, JLT can then proceed in joining the current Jobs Australia member onto the Blanket Insurance Program

·       A copy of the JLT Blanket Insurance cover must be filed on-line at Jobs Australia on the Sdrive/Memberships/Year (applicable)/New Membership Applications/Organisations Name this folder will also house other relevant membership documentation pertaining to the member such as Jobs Australia invoice, organisations application, organisations constitution, etc

·       A weekly update should be emailed to JLT and Jobs Australia COO with all new membership/insurance requests as well as a breakdown of 2-way referrals (who referred whom)