This report was first published in 2016. Since that time the world has seen many influences, circumstances and events that were unpredictable and have changed the lives of people significantly, everywhere. The challenges facing long term and high levels of unemployment in Australia continues and focus on ways to address this is on-going. Comparison and learnings from other countries and the positive difference that makes for people in those countries is an opportunity from which Australia may learn and benefit.

The author of this report, Professor Andrew Scott, has since co-edited a new book titled The Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia (, which, among other things, puts forward new ideas to boost workforce participation and employment security in Australia, learning from the successful approaches taken in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

This report, A Proposal for Unemployment Insurance, has been cited and discussed in several publications including being endorsed by The Hon Jenny Macklin, former senior minister in the Rudd and Gillard governments, in her contribution to the book Upturn: A Better Normal after COVID-19, edited by Tanya Plibersek.

With the 2022 election of a new national government in Canberra, and consideration of new policy ideas to maximise job opportunities, this report is hereby now republished as a continuing contribution to the debate about improving Australia’s provision of employment services.

A Proposal for Unemployment Insurance Research report commissioned for Jobs Australia