Jobs Australia is your trusted and valued partner supporting the work you do providing diverse employment services and pathways, education, training and skills development, and community and social services.

Dedicated to the Not for Profit sector we are the independent voice for our membership on matters that mean the most to you, to support the work you do, to assist people to achieve lives that have a balanced well-being and achieve desired jobs/work. 

We are funded solely by our Members allowing us to represent them with real insight and by activating and amplifying their collective and independent voice.

Our team offer information and services matched to the needs and circumstances of the membership including program and management issues. We also offer timely analysis and commentary on key policy and operational issues.

We remain involved and present on a range of government advisory and consultative bodies to enable us to be influential in national community and Not for Profit forums. Regular communications with relevant Ministers, funding departments and other government agencies on matters of concern and interest to Members is prioritised.

To represent a comprehensive and considered view of the Jobs Australia membership profile, regular Clarion Calls bring together Members who have a common interest in many topics, services and reforms. The integration of that discussion is then captured through our Communities of Interest where Members delve further into the common cause by sharing wisdom, knowledge, information, or data, and interactively pursuing an informed course of action.

By being connected and scanning the horizon of academic research on matters of interest and concern to our Members and their clients, Job Australia can provide links, opportunities and updates on reform and the future.