We understand it is essential that every organisation invests in supporting the health and well-being of their employees and thanks to our partners at HCF, Jobs Australia is delighted to be able to make this exclusive offer for all staff of our Member organisations.


When you join HCF on your corporate plan, you’ll get a cash back reward. Couples or Family cover will be given $300 cash back, and Singles cover will get $150 cash back,
if you take out Corporate Hospital and Extras before 30 June 2020 and stay with HCF for 3 months.* T&C’s apply. Click here to start your quote




Enjoy a corporate discount compared to equivalent levels of cover in the HCF retail range 


No hospital excess charged for dependent children on all HCF family cover. Family policies are charged at a standard rate irrespective of the number of kids, so having a big family won’t cost you more with HCF.


Get 100% back on many dental, optical, physio, chiro and podiatry claims from over 10,000 participating HCF providers^


Top up your annual limit on dental and optical. This kicks in after 12 months on your extras cover and grows every year up to year six#


For more information regarding the special corporate health insurance products and discounted premiums available:

^Up to your annual limit.
#Starting after your first 12 months of Extras cover and growing every year up to year six. Unused Limit Boost cannot be carried into the following year.

As a not-for-profit health fund, our focus is on delivering value to members rather than shareholder profits and we do everything we can to keep the cost of your cover as low as possible.

The increasing cost of health care means that all Australian health funds review their premiums each year – including us.

That said, we know that rising costs aren’t what you want to hear, so we want to ensure you understand why it happens and what we’re doing to help make health care as affordable as possible for our members.

Q1. Why are health insurance premiums reviewed every year?

Advances in health care technology, the increasing use of health services and changes to the Australian Government rebate on private health insurance are just some of the reasons why premiums go up. For more information on the reasons and what we’re doing to make health care affordable and accessible for our members, visit why premiums go up.

Q2. When will I hear about my new premium?

HCF, Australia’s largest not for profit health insurer, has announced that the 2020 premium increase scheduled to take effect on April 1 will be postponed until at least October 1, 2020.

Q3. Can I lock in my current premium?

Yes you can by paying up to 18 months in advance, provided we receive your payment before 1 April 2020. The deadlines for each payment method may differ.

Q4. My premium increased more than the national average percentage. Why did this happen?

The Australian Government calculates the national average based on the premium increases it approves for all Australian health funds.

Because your premium increase relates to your chosen level of HCF cover, it may be different to the national average (or the HCF average). Your premium increase reflects the balance between managing member payments against the claims we pay out for all members on your level of cover in your state.

Q5. Why have my premiums gone up, but my benefits haven’t increased?

Each year we review the benefits we pay to health care providers such as hospitals, doctors and extras providers, like dentists. Due to the prevalence of chronic diseases, an aging population, newer and more expensive technologies and increased treatment options, the overall spend on benefits is increasing. It’s our responsibility to ensure your premiums allow us to provide the level of health cover you need and expect.

Q6. Why has my premium gone up even though I make few, or no claims?

Your premium increase reflects the balance between managing premiums we receive versus claims we pay out to members on your level of cover. Premiums increase to ensure we have enough funds to cover the benefits we expect to pay to members on your level of cover in the coming 12 months.

Private health insurance in Australia is 'community-rated'. This means you pay the same premium for the same level of cover as everyone else in your state, regardless of your age or health status, or the number of claims you make. This helps make private health insurance more accessible for everyone.

Q8. I have more questions – who can I speak to? 

To learn more about rate change, please call us on 13 13 34 (for existing members) or 1800 880 049 (for new members) or visit your nearest branch. Plus, ensure you have signed up as a Jobs Australia HCF corporate member to receive all the corporate benefits. Some include: access a great range of additional benefits when you join Hospital and Extras as a corporate member including: discounted premiums, 100% back on selected extras, health and wellbeing support that’s made for members, and ‘Limit Boost’ to top us your optical and/or dental annual limits each year.