Jobs Australia would like to update you on the Senate debate on the Social Security Legislation Amendment (streamlined participation requirements and other measures) Bill 2021 debated in the Senate on Wednesday 30 March 2022. The Bill will be read a third time as the outcome of the debate.

Below are some FAQ’s for your convenience:

What is the Bill about?
The Bill seeks to modernise and streamline the Social Security Act to further support the New Employment Services Model.

What are the main points to be improved?

  1. The Bill further supports participants in Workforce Australia to self-manage their engagement with DESE, including job search efforts, job plans and personal development activities to lead to employment.
  2. Earlier payment delays for people going onto digital self management are eliminated.
  3. Points based activation system for Mutual Obligations design is supported.
  4. Target Compliance Framework is further defined.
  5. Expenditure for the NESM moves from Finance to Employment Ministers.

Why is this bill important to Jobs Australia Members?
We believe all Members need to be aware of the development of this Bill because:

  1. Job seekers participating in Workforce Australia will be affected by the Bill.
  2. Employment Services Providers and other organisations (such as RTO) will be affected because their clients will engage with DESE in a different manner.

Will the Bill be passed?
It seems likely that the Bill will be passed.

Although there are concerns from Labour and the Greens, neither opposing party is in total opposition.

Is there anything else worth noting?

  1. Labour and the Greens strongly oppose the number of employers and people, especially women, who will lose employment as consequence of NESM.
  2. Labour and the Greens are opposed to the complexity of employment programs.

Where can I read the transcript from Senate?
Click here to read the transcript.

We hope this summary is of use to Jobs Australia Members. We will provide further news as it is made available. If you would like to discuss this information further, please contact Richard Butler at Update: Senate debate on the Social Security Legislation Amendment (streamlined participation requirements and other measures) Bill 2021.