Jobs Australia’s Representation and Engagement Unit eagerly watched the Federal election complete six weeks of intensive lobbying. With first-hand experiences in the Kimberley, Victoria, and Tasmania ParentsNext Providers we spoke with breathed a sigh of relief that change after nearly ten years was imminent.

The new Cabinet promises to deliver change, but not as quickly as we might expect, and in many cases, employment services programs continuity will prevail.

Workforce Australia Intensive, CDP, ParentsNext, and Transitions to Work (TtW) will continue their progression, at least in the short to mid-term, and the Disability Employment Services review will too. Vanessa Beck, Branch Manager for the DES program recently advised “intensive ministerial briefings are underway, but it will be some weeks before we get into the gritty detail”.

Over the past few years, Jobs Australia has formed strong relationships with many opposition/shadow ministers and we look forward to ramping up our representation and advocacy for all Members.

Current policy initiatives include Community of Practice for ParentsNext, Indigenous Rangers discussion and response for NIAA, ongoing performance and Star Ratings for DES, and transition from jobactive to Workforce Australia and the associated impacts for Jobs Australia Members.