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Jobs Australia Strategic Priorities 2016 - 2021

Strategic Priorities:

Jobs Australia’s Strategic Priorities inform and guide the organisation’s operational planning and resource allocation and inform our assessments of the organisation’s impact and success.


Strengthening Capacity

Provide assistance and resources that enhance the capacity of members to deliver quality services and outcomes.

  • Facilitate opportunities for members to enhance and improve their work
  • Encourage and support workforce capacity
  • Encourage and assist members to take new directions and adopt innovative approaches to their business, including partnerships and alliances with other members and other parties.
  • Strengthen member capacity to work with the most disadvantaged individuals and communities
  • Support Indigenous and other member organisations to provide effective training and employment assistance for Indigenous people and communities.


Engaging and Supporting Our Members

Through effective engagement with our membership, Jobs Australia will develop and deliver services relevant to members.

  • Maintain strong communication with members so that Jobs Australia remains a member= driven organisation where members inform the direction of member services; the policy agenda; and the focus of strengthening capacity activity.
  • Deliver a responsive range of member services utilising the size of the membership base to leverage cost effective products and services.
  • Encourage and enable networking and information exchange among members and other organisations both nationally and internationally.


Leading and Influencing Policy Development

Jobs Australia plays a pivotal role in shaping the policy environment as it affects the sector and those whom the sector serves

  • Undertake quality policy analysis and research to inform Jobs Australia’s policy positions and pursue policy priorities.
  • Foster debate and discussion to inform policy.
  • Communicate, consult with, and engage government, the media, and others to influence policy.
  • Forge and maintain strategic alliances with other organisations and sectors.


Advancing positive social change

We do things that reflect the collective values of our members. Jobs Australia is active in promoting collaboration and leadership, developing the contribution the not for profit sector makes to Australian society; and, undertakes action to address marginalisation and disadvantage

  • Collaborate with others to maintain a vibrant and effective not for profit sector.
  • Maintain commitment to the Jobs Australia Foundation.
  • Raise awareness of people who are disadvantaged.


Key Enabler

Organisational Sustainability

In order to achieve the strategic priorities, Jobs Australia will continue to ensure the on-going sustainability of the organisation through close attention to:

  • Sustaining a secure asset base
  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Having relevant and effective systems and resources
  • Providing strong Board governance
  • Encouraging investment from our partners to progress our work