It’s easy for workplace problems to start out simple but then become difficult. That’s when you need professional advice.

The wrong advice can cost not just a lot of money, but also your time, energy and the reputation of your service.

Which is why Jobs Australia established Community Sector Workplace Relations (CSWR).

Our high-quality advice and resources ensure you have the support you need for any issue related to being an employer.  We give you peace of mind when dealing with the challenges you face and easy access to the right information at the right time.

Our Members enjoy the benefits of having a team of professional people, with in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector, to call upon in their times of change.

Our services include advice and representation on:

  • Employment contracts and award entitlements
  • Managing performance, misconduct, ill health and restructuring
  • Formal disputes such as unfair dismissal or general protections claims
  • Enterprise bargaining

We also provide consultancy and training around good HR practice, tailored to the needs of not-for-profit community organisations

Our advisers can:

  • help you to meet your obligations as an employer; and
  • work with you to find timely and effective solutions to any industrial relations or human resource problems that might arise.
  • We specialise in the community sector, and Jobs Australia is a non-profit community organisation itself. We understand the challenges faced by volunteer committees of management, managing on a shoestring, and community sector values. CSWR is provided by Jobs Australia to all kinds of community organisations throughout Australia.

Member Benefits