If a client of a program is injured while involved in on-the-job- training or work experience arranged by a Jobs Australia member, most medical costs should be recovered under Medicare. If a client is permanently injured, the Personal Accident policy provides cover up to a maximum of $250,000. These benefits are paid irrespective of negligence.

Note: there is no cover under the Personal Accident policy for such expenses as physiotherapy and other medical expenses that Medicare does not cover.

If a client, volunteer or committee member causes damage to third party property or, as a result of an injury, is sued or sues a Jobs Australia member organisation, the Public Liability policy provides layers of cover of up to $20,000,000 where the Jobs Australia member is liable.

If the organisation providing the unpaid work experience or on-the-job training is negligent then it will be their liability policy that will respond in the event of injury, loss or damage. The Jobs Australia liability policy does not indemnify employers’ or other parties’ negligence.