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Our publications and resources showcase the work we do on behalf of our members and the operational challenges they face. We undertake research on topical and relevant social and program policy as well as practice issues and produce a range of information and resources that support service delivery, governance, management and practice development.

Our submissions to government outline our advocacy position on a range of policy issues affecting our members.

We are proud to be providing an independent voice for our members without the constraints that come with government funding.

Jobs Australia Annual Reports

Jobs Australia produces a yearly annual report outlining its key achievements.

Jobs Australia Submissions

Each year Jobs Australia prepares numerous submissions to the Federal Government. We also undertake research and produce reports on policy areas that impact disadvantaged, our of work Australians.

The latest Jobs Australia submissions and topical papers appear below as downloadable links.

State of Play Briefings

State of Play briefings provide current and topical information on issues of importance to Jobs Australia members. They are designed for circulation to senior staff and board members.

Jobs Australia Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets produced on policy positions

Jobs Australia Infographics

Jobs Australia has produced a range of infographics illustrating the state of unemployment, living on benefits and disadvantage in Australia

Resources for Members

Resource for members include