Third Party Employment Systems Accreditation Update

The expiry date for the accreditation of third-party employment systems (TPES) is currently 30 June 2019.  This has raised questions for members using a TPES about what they need to do to ensure they are using an accredited system after this date.  

DJSB has advised that providers need to have an exit plan in place and commence their exit plan to cease using a TPES product that has not achieved Provisional Plus Accreditation by 30 June 2019.  For the latest accreditation status of third party systems, visit

The Department will not approve a transfer to another product that only has a status of Provisional Accreditation.  Providers can’t swap between the products currently being assessed. However, providers always have the option to bring this functionality in-house and discontinue the use of a third party employment system completely or use a product that has been accredited by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). The Department will approve either of these exit plans. Refer to the list of ACSC certified cloud services on their website:

If a provider does take the option to use something from this list, they should ask for ACSC’s Certification Report to understand what their accreditation covers and whether there are any security concerns you need to consider. For example, if a provider is considering using Salesforce, they will need to get a copy of their ACSC Certification Report directly from Salesforce, not from ACSC. There are details on the website linked above.

DJSB will continue to keep all providers informed when TPES vendors achieve Provisional Plus accreditation on their website.

For the latest information on TPES accreditation, visit

This article was updated on 17 June 2017.