MEMBERSHIP BLOG: Visiting ET Secondary College in Gosford, New South Wales

Member engagement is a well-used term with different meanings for different folk; for me it’s about liaising with members and understanding their work in their own environment. Regarding Jobs Australia members, it’s also about considering the work undertaken to support long term unemployed people who need real, meaningful and empathetic backing with an end goal of attaining and retaining a job.  Jobs Australia member organisations offer that foundation in a variety of ways.

Jobs Australia member, ET Australia situated in Gosford, hosted a recent JA Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer visit. CEO Tony Mylan kindly provided a tour to JA COO, Nicole Steers and I. Tony demonstrated both long term vision for organisational goals, as well as empathy for the people who utilise ET Australia’s services.

ET Australia hosts a training college which delivers a number of programs that assist local jobseekers and youth to find a job. The college, with great facilities and training spaces, is adjacent to a library and across the road from a park in Gosford’s CBD.

Next to the training college is ET Australia Secondary College (ETASC), a Year 7 to Year 10 high school preparing students for employment and further study. The mood and tenor of the facilities is both warm and embracing; it is clear that Tony has a strong passion to assist people to become better versions of themselves.

Tony provided a comprehensive tour around the campus, detailing the different ways ET Australia Secondary College engages with students and highlighted how many spaces and areas were utilised in innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of the students. One which was very impressive was the ‘chillout’ room, providing a safe space and time out for students to reflect and disconnect from the grid.

Tony and his staff provided a very warm welcome and took out time from their day to provide a highly informative tour of the greater work being done in the Gosford area by ET Australia. The work they undertake in helping local community members, including young people, to find meaningful work is commendable.

Thank you Tony and staff at ET Australia (pictured here with Tony are staff Dana and Belle).