MEMBERSHIP BLOG: Visiting Communicare in Perth, WA

Selecting a member to visit for Jobs Australia’s member engagement program is challenging due to the sheer breadth of choice among the wonderful agencies that make up Jobs Australia’s diverse membership base. However for this visit, Communicare, with CEO Ms Melissa Perry being Jobs Australia Board Chair, seemed a suitable choice.

(L-R: Communicare CEO Melissa Perry and Jobs Australia CEO Debra Cerasa)

Travelling to Perth and meeting the CEO and staff was a delightful experience, commencing with a tour of the facility. The diversity in service delivery and multifaceted approach to providing these services was inspiring. Meeting with Employment Services managers and staff was highly informative, with Monica (Senior Manager – Employment) detailing the two programs she manages (Transition to Work and Work for the Dole). The staff in these programs were passionate and energetic in their work with young people and assisting them in finding long term rewarding employment. 

The value of young people providing the service should not be understated; it was evident at Communicare that the youthfulness of the staff demonstrated a very ‘switched on’ enthusiastic approach to practice; the enthusiasm was contagious with it being evident that the young jobseekers engaging the programs were keen participants. 

Being the first member visit, a very high standard was set. Moving forward however, the diversity of membership has been a rolling pleasure to uncover and cemented a great passion for the work Jobs Australia members do and the jobseekers who are supported.