The delegates and speakers at the CDP Forum
Max captured the stories in graphics
The Main Panel Discussion: "Adapting to a Changing Environment"
Sean Choolburra and Jobs Australia CEO Debra Cerasa
Hon. Linda Burney MP spoke and took questions from members and delegates
Welcome to Country performed by Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains

MEMBERSHIP BLOG: The Current CDP Climate in Adelaide

The Jobs Australia CDP Forum entitled ; “the Current CDP Climate” was held in Adelaide on 1 – 2 October. The Forum evolved as a result of membership feedback as I have travelled across various states and territories meeting member organisations. The ialogue from members shared at the JA Digital workshop held in Alice Springs earlier in the year, also informed the program.. The event provided a contemporary reflection on the CDP program, and more broadly the experiences of Indigenous Australians in remote areas and the supporting agencies.

Jobs Australia in hosting the premier CDP event of 2019, captured the interest not only of CDP providers but more broadly a range of organisations which work in remote Australia.

The delegates and speakers at the CDP Forum

Each of the presentations were powerful, compelling and fresh. Providing insight into the challenges facing Indigenous Australians in remote areas, going well beyond the often locked in metropolitan stereotypes.

The Forum illustrated that the work undertaken by CDP providers goes far beyond sourcing employment. The issues relating to geographic isolation are compounded by the entrenched, often intergenerational disadvantage. These challenges were succinctly represented by presenters whose subject matter included employment (including a lack of job opportunities), justice issues, suicide and suicide prevention, isolation and small communities, and trauma.

It was both a rarity and privilege to listen to these talented presenters, who had taken the time out of their busy schedules to share the valuable insights offered over the two days.

Max captured the stories in graphics

The Forum detailed a range of positive outcomes through the efforts of our member CDP providers, as well as a range of local innovation, partnerships and networking. Looking forward the horizon for opportunity looks promising, with presenters commenting that pending change in the expectations for businesses tendering for larger contracts, is improving.  Those tendering would need to ensure that they engage Indigenous owned businesses and meet other quotas related to engaging with disadvantaged cohorts.

The Main Panel Discussion: "Adapting to a Changing Environment" featured insights from

[left to right] Maria Harvey, Shaun Fowler, Brad Rake, Ingrid Stonhill and Karyn Kalamaras

The Forum also provided a space for our leaders, including the Hon Linda Burney MP, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians, Families and Social Services to present and meet with the delegates. The National Indigenous Australian’s Agency presented, taking extensive questions from the audience.

Jobs Australia would like to thank the presenters for taking their time to share these valuable insights. To thank the delegates who attended and provided much context to the content discussed . Finally, a huge thank you to Sean Choolburra, who excelled as an EmCee and delivered unrivalled energy and passion on both days.

Sean Choolburra and Jobs Australia CEO Debra Cerasa