Member Testimonial: Stacy Treloar, Far West Community Legal Centre Limited (CEO)

"On Tuesday 16th March Margaret Balsillie (Human Resources Consultant - Jobs Australia) presented a leadership training program to my team of managers and I (CEO). The leadership training provided vital information to my organisation that has been lacking for so long.
My Managers left feeling impressed that it was not only extremely informative by providing the guidelines for their responsibilities but an interactive session that was enjoyable and clearly presented. we also know it was the best management training sessions we have personally attended, so much so that one of my staff wanted Margaret to move to Broken Hill, which is high praise. 

Thank you Margaret, for assisting my team and I to achieve better outcomes going forward, we'll miss you but look forward to working with you again when the opportunity arises".

For information on training programs available for your organisation, please call 1800 331 915.