Member Story: East Gippsland Network of Neighbourhood Houses

Debra Cerasa and Nicole Steers had the opportunity to visit East Gippsland last month.
They met with the East Gippsland Network of Neighbourhood Houses. The Network were able to use the Community Grant they were awarded by Marsh Insurance as a result of attending the Insight Series last year to fund a Network Day.
Caroline Liston, the Network Manager said without funds from a grant such as the Marsh Community Grant it would be almost impossible to have a two-day event, where all their Neighbourhood Houses could come together for a networking forum such as the one held in Paynesville on 11 March.
The participants were able to discuss topical issues and enjoy speakers while enjoying each other’s company, which otherwise may not have been possible.
Nicole said it was an absolute pleasure to meet the participants and gain an insight into the work they do and some of the challenges they experience. Caroline certainly encouraged other Jobs Australia Members to definitely apply for the grant when it is next made available.