Member Information from the office of Jobs Australia CEO - 30 March 2020

Good afternoon, 

Many of you have asked Jobs Australia to provide a summary of current major banks relief packages.
Combined with the Federal and State Government Financial stimulus, Bank Relief packages provide an essential pillar of business support. This support is available for your business, you personally as the business owner or your employees.
The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the Banking Peak Body, with the CEO’s of 16 major Australian banks representing its membership.
Banks have been quick to respond. Each have ‘Hardship Teams’ able to provide significant relief to businesses and individuals. It is important to note that the banks are further reviewing their relief and changes are likely to be made in the next week or so and may include mortgage relief and deferred interest payments. 

Quick Links to help:
The Australian Banking Association web site is provided – here you can see a comprehensive summary of offers from 21 leading Australian based banks.
Need more specific help?
Click on this link for a comprehensive list of banks, phone numbers and links to more detailed financial hardship relief.
Attached below is the fact sheet provided by the Australian Government earlier this week.
Jobs Australia Corporate Services Officer is working with legal and financial advisors to offer more understanding for Members and will be sent to you as soon as possible.

As always – Stay healthy
Debra Cerasa
Chief Executive Officer
Jobs Australia

This information is general in nature to offer assistance to Jobs Australia Members and is correct to the best of our knowledge at time of release.