Member Information from the office of Jobs Australia CEO - 26 March 2020

Good afternoon,
As you already know, the Australian business and social landscape has changed in an unpredictable and unprecedented way. Such an understatement, yet we still need to respond to many people regarding the seriousness of what we are experiencing. Experts are telling us that the situation will continue to change  - with no clear indication of how long.
State and Federal Governments continue to adjust and refine their economic support packages and personal space and social distancing rules will continue to be advised. The world is awash with information and it is understandable if we all feel somewhat overwhelmed.
Managing your mental health and the mental health of your employees is a vital part of managing this public health crisis. Expert advice on well-being is to maintain perspective, remain balanced, access quality information, try to remain resilient to the negative media and if you are in self isolation keep your health and well-being supported.

Quick Links to help:
We have assembled the following links to assist you further and as we find more information we will provide it.
This is the Health Direct website with useful information on Caronavirus
This link takes you to the Australian Psychological Society’s advice
This link takes you to Beyond Blue’s advice

This is a link to the Jobs Australia website where we are collating all federal updates and media releases on our main menu
As always – Stay healthy
Debra Cerasa
Chief Executive Officer
Jobs Australia