Jobs Fair: Careers in Disability

NDS is hosting a series of regional Jobs Fairs: Careers in Disability in Victoria, to promote work in the disability sector.

The Jobs Fairs: Careers in Disability project involves high-energy, interactive jobs fairs in eight locations across regional Victoria. The fairs will connect jobseekers and students with disability service providers, training organisations and other stakeholders. Each fair will provide an opportunity for attendees to talk face-to-face with organisations, to learn about jobs, training, education, and career options in the local disability sector.

The first fair will take place in Warrnambool on 11 October: 10am - 2pm.
With the introduction of the NDIS, the disability workforce across the Wimmera South West region is predicted to grow by 40% by 2019. At the same time, attracting and retaining workers is proving challenging for many service providers. This project seeks to support this growth.
The Jobs Fairs provide opportunities for current and potential job seekers to connect with the right set of employers to mentor them, and guide them through the process of entering this booming sector. They would not only gain helpful advice from industry experts, but also have a chance to apply for current available positions listed on the jobs board. This event will provide a platform for Warrnambool service providers to promote their employment opportunities to deliver extensive knowledge on their professional experiences, and what they look for in a potential candidate. This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in working in the disability sector to explore career pathways. For more information about the event, you can click here.

See flyers below.