Jobs Australia's submission to the ANAO Audit of the Management of DES Contracts by DSS

Jobs Australia has made a submission to the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) audit which is assessing the effectiveness of the Department of Social Services’ (DSS’) arrangements for managing Disability Employment Services (DES) provider contracts.

Through the audit, the ANAO is seeking to examine whether:

  1. DSS’ arrangements for contracting with DES providers support the achievement of employment outcomes for people with disability;
  2. DSS has effective arrangements for managing DES contracts; and
  3. DSS is effectively assessing whether contract outcomes are being achieved.

Thank you to members that provided feedback to our submission, which is attached below.  

Jobs Australia's recommendations include:

  • Improve the IT system
  • Reduce administration and complexity
  • More support from DSS
  • Review the funding model
  • Maintain the sustainability of the market
  • Complete the reform of the assessment process
  • Ensure consistency of referrals between Centrelink and DES
  • Review Non-Payable Outcomes

For more on the audit, see