Jobs Australia Opposes Mandatory Drug Testing of Job Seekers

Jobs Australia has opposed the Government’s proposed drug testing of job seekers in a submission to the current Senate inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing Trial) Bill 2018.

If passed, the Bill would permit a two-year Trial that would impose a combination of mandatory drug testing, income management and drug treatment as a condition of receiving income support.  It would affect 5,000 new recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance (other) in the three locations of Canterbury-Bankstown NSW, Logan QLD and Mandurah WA. 

Jobs Australia opposes the Trial because it is an unreasonable violation of privacy and other human rights, and because mandatory income management and drug treatment are not supported by evidence.  Unintended consequences could include disengagement from income support and support services, and increased levels of anger and aggressive behaviour directed towards people providing services to those in the Trial, including employment services employees. 

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