JLT Excellence in Community Service Grant Application 2017: open now.

JLT Excellence in Community Service Grant Application 2017: open now.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT), our insurance broker, has opened grant funding round for the annual one-off Excellence in Community Service Grant  of $5k

The Project should aim at addressing one or more of the following Focus Areas:

·         Support and Assistance – to assist unemployed people to find employment that cannot be delivered with any government funding which your organisation might receive

·         Respect and People – centred approaches for individual and community development

·         Collaboration and Leadership – in enabling young people to develop confidence and leadership skills for the future. As well as ensuring positive decisions are made for the future

·         Solutions – long term solutions for future programs / projects and community development


Jardine Lloyd Thompson supports non-profit organisations working to assist and improve the lives of unemployed individuals looking to find employment. As members of the Jobs Australia Network, JLT supports your mission in achieving a fair and equitable Australia. JLT is inviting Jobs Australia member organisations to apply for our Excellence in Community Service Grant.

The Grant is aimed at giving applicants a financial helping hand in advancing a current project/program that will change a community. The grant is centred on the idea that people from different socio-economic backgrounds should come together to talk about what matters to them, and create ways to develop and implement strategies for reaching the objectives they aim to accomplish.

Find out more about how to apply and the conditions of the grant in the attachments below.

All applications will be reviewed by the combined JLT & Jobs Australia Panel.

• All enquiries please contact Lauren Malkin or Michelle Santos at JLT on 03 9613 1481.

• Please submit your completed application to Lauren Malkin, JLT – jobsaustralia@jlta.com.au by no later than COB Friday 5th October 2017

• Applications will be reviewed between 6th October 2017 and 13th October 2017.

• Finalists will be announced by 20th October 2017.

• The Successful Application will be announced at the Jobs Australia Annual Conference 2nd & 3rd November 2017.

• The Successful applicant will receive a one-off $5,000 Grant to assist in the delivery of the project/program.

• Over the forthcoming 12 months JLT will provide all members with updates of the successful applicant’s progress with their project/program.

• If you submit an application and you receive advice of being a finalist it is recommended a representative of your oganisation attends the Annual Conference.