CEO Update: Press Release - $130 billion JobKeeper payment to keep Australians in a Job - 31 March 2020

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from the office of
Jobs Australia CEO
31 March 2020


Good Afternoon,
The Federal Government yesterday confirmed what media has been reporting since late last week. The third tranche of support for Australian Businesses during the COVID-19 Virus will be unlike anything seen before.
And it is – the headlines being:

  • A 6 month block on residential tenancy evictions due to tenant loss of income and on payment of rent
  • A 6 month block on Commercial Lease payments, and
  • Wages support, backdated, to a capped $1500 per fortnight to be paid to employees directly from employers, enabling them to continue to retain continuity of valued employees and for a period of 6 months and to keep wage-earners from placing an impossible burden on the social security system.

    The Press Release is provided for you here:

Of course there is the detail – and as you read this eDM, the detail is being unpacked, along with the detail of other economic announcements. As quickly as possible information will be provided to you – in a summarised and hopefully, easily digested  manner.
Your Jobs Australia team continues to work to provide information, updates and support for you, our Members. Trying to cut through the noise and provide access to timely and relevant bulletins as you, Jobs Australia Members, continue to be our priority.
As always – Stay healthy
Debra Cerasa
Chief Executive Officer
Jobs Australia

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