Australia’s youth unemployment hotspots

The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL), in their latest edition of the Youth Unemployment Monitor, has detailed regions of high youth unemployment and provided a longitudinal analysis of this issue. The paper reveals that a number of regions have featured enduring high youth unemployment with a specific focus on regional and outer metropolitan areas.

Some areas are up to five times the average unemployment rate (whole of population rates) and twice the national rate for youth unemployment.

The paper also highlights a forgotten cohort which are often not included in the standard datasets, being ‘marginally attached youth’. This cohort, although potentially keen to work, may not, due to health or familial circumstances, be able to commence work within a four-week period. They are often not counted in the official statistics. Inclusion of this cohort lifts the overall rate of youth unemployment in some regional and outer metropolitan areas to approximately 25 percent. It is likely that these regions do not host many opportunities for youth employment, compounding the issues.

This edition of the Youth Employment Monitor supports the need for local employment providers to further enhance their knowledge of local markets and employers and build stronger linkages. Involvement form government and industry is also valued.

Figure 2, from BSL’s paper below details the hotspots of youth unemployment by territory/state.

For BSL’s paper, see: