APONT Alternative to CDP

Jobs Australia has endorsed the recently developed APO NT’s Remote Development and Employment Scheme as an alternative to CDP.

The proposal has been developed in consultation Aboriginal organisations, national peak bodies and CDP providers, and offers a better solution to the provision of employment services in remote Australia. 

The key elements of the proposed Remote Development and Employment Scheme include investing in the creation of paid employment at award wages, local community control, flexibility and fairness in mutual obligation, and oversight by an independent body with an Indigenous led board.  The new APONT model takes a long term investment approach to economic and community development.  It builds on the strengths of the former CDEP program, but it also addresses perceived concerns about CDEP being a destination by limiting the holding of jobs for a period of up to five years.  There is less emphasis on administration, and more on empowering and strengthening communities to create meaningful opportunities for participation, based on people’s individual capacity and needs. 

Jobs Australia encourages all CDP providers to endorse the model, which is attached below along with a summary. 

To find out more, contact policy@ja.com.au or call Peter Defteros on 03 9349 3699.